Classic Aircraft Foundation

Stichting Classic Aircraft Foundation (CAF) is based in the Northern part of The Netherlands, Europe. It is a modest foundation existing of a small group of aviation involved people. The members share their passion for historical air craft, especially for the Huey helicopters. It is for this reason that the foundation granted its existence. The members very much like to share with other people the feeling and knowledge, looks and sounds of historical air craft in their best and memorable condition.

CAF was founded July 11th, 2001 by Ruud Heinen and Koen Koetsier. This combination of personalities is and has always been the base for the foundation of CAF. Both intend to the following purposes of CAF for the future: promotion of historical aviation in general, purchase, maintain, manage, finance and operate aircraft of historical value; sharing technology and know-how in technical and operational fields to assure future operation of classic aircraft remains possible; introducing and educating people on all aspects of aviation and especially its history; support projects and maintain airworthiness of classic aircraft.  Our mission is to bring aircraft in its orginal configuration. It is then that CAF can share the atmosphere and charisma of the time in the past that these aircraft were operated. Only people with this feeling are allowed to accompany this restoration process. Please feel free to visit other parts of this site to find more back ground information on the members and on-going reports about the restoration of the aircraft, inclusive special happenings during the processes.