Background information

People involved. A small and good team formalize the beating heart of Stichting Classic Aircraft Foundation (CAF). Different persons with their own aviation minded identity share their time, knowledge and efforts to get historical aircraft back in the air again. Because of the formal identity of a legal foundation in The Netherlands the daily management is effected by three persons having decision making positions. Ruud Heinen is chairman and Koen Koetsier is treasurer. They founded CAF. The secretary position is effected by Jeanet Heinen, Ruud’s wife.

The management is completed with two more management members. Feike de Vries as Technical Co-ordinator and Nico Swager as general management member.


Background of Ruud Heinen

As son of a well-known Royal Dutch Navy pilot Ruud started his aviation career in the germ at home. His first position in aviation was one in the Royal Dutch Air Force in 1979 as a helicopter engineer, which he left in 1986 to work for a private company. Meanwhile he started the foundation of the Dutch Spitfire Flight with three other aviation minded persons. This foundation bought and restored the Spitfire MK 732, which is currently still flying in The Netherlands. In 1993 Ruud bought two Bell 204’s in Spain together with a Schreiner colleague, sold one to the USA and restored the other one to flying condition. This restored Bell with registration N 98049 flew several years from Naval Air Station De Kooy as ex-MLD AB 204 B “220”, attending the Air show circuit ending up in Chile as fire fighting helicopter. After seven years flying off shore for Schreiner, Ruud joined the Royal Dutch Air force as a Search and Rescue commander on the Agusta Bell 412 from Leeuwarden. In 2000 he left the Air force and had a flying position as a Learjet A 36 pilot and L-39’s captain. Both aircraft were operated in a target tow company, for training purposes of Navy crews on Navy vessels. In this firm he was shortly involved in the setup of a Dutch Hawker Hunter, which the company did not succeed because of difficulties in law permissions of operating these aircraft free in Dutch air space. Ruud left the target tow company in September 2004 and started flying helicopters again in Qatar, soon dispatched in Iran as Base Manager and in 2005 he joined Canadian Helicopters Global division, for which he was base manager Kish, Iran, flew in Nigeria, Base manager Kazahkstan, Base Manager Manila, Philippines and now flying Agusta Westland 139 in Miri, Malaysia.
As of July 1st.2014 Ruud is working for Euro Asia Air where he is the Senior Project Manager for the NCOC contract flying with AW 139’s at Kashagan East Project. (Caspian Sea).
He still flies the AS 365 and the AW 139.

Ruud joined Wiking Helikopters Wilhelmshafen in April 2018 and is the Deputy Chiefpilot of Wiking Helikopters, flying daily the AW 139 in HEMS and Oil and gas as a Captain.


Background of Koen Koetsier

Koen originally was an instrument engineer. He started his career as a Marine in the Royal Dutch Navy and became technician on the Agusta Bell’s. In this role he flew with Ruud’s father on the Agusta’s. This is where his predilection for these helicopters started to grow. Koen could ‘smell’ the charm of this robust helicopter with is recognizable and unique sound of the rotating rotor blades during flying. Koen continued his career as operations manager of a service company in the offshore sector. He travelled a lot and supplied oil rigs with adequate and quality material to free drill strings in complicated wells all over the world. Know is now in charge of  a new off shore company, Global Rentals Middenmeer. He never lost connection with aviation due to his work. Via both wives Ruud and Koen accidentally met with each other. And this was the start of a very deep friendship between Ruud and Koen. They discovered that they had the same predilection for the huey helicopter. He joined Ruud in operating N 98049 as an engineer and flight engineer until the shipment to Chile. The huey became subject of conversations again and again. This is where the idea of a historical aviation minded foundation started and was effected in the foundation of CAF.

Unfortunately Koen passed away on February 5th.2016 after a fight against pancreas cancer which he lost. We all at the Classic Aircraft Foundation will miss Koen as he was one of the founders of the Classic Aircraft Foundation. Both his sons Rick and Paul, joined forces in CAF and help us to get the “227” in the air in 2017.


Background of Jeanet Heinen

Jeanet started her aviation career as an assistant of the flight service department at Schiphol Airport in which simulator trainings, hotel bookings and licence matters passed her desk every day. She changed office to work for the managing director of KLM ERA Helicopters at Den Helder Airport as an Office Manager. After two years she started high schooling in marketing and public relations and choose for a new position in promoting KLE in printed matters, arranging circuit flights together with the Avidrome from Schiphol Airport and she filled the open spaces in the offshore helicopter schedule by selling onshore flights to companies. In this period Jeanet met Ruud Heinen and they got married. After fusion of Schreiner and KLE Jeanet decided to start a new job within a media company, where she was traffic manager in marketing and pr-projects for four years. These days she is project manager for ZONH Heerhugowaard. ZONH is a partner for mostly home doctors, fysio therapists etcetera, but also social care and welbeing parties and the local government in the northern part of Holland.

She runs the Bed and Breakfast “The Flevohoeve” and has a small company “project factor” which can assist you in promoting your company strategy or new ideas.

Besides that she runs the office of CAF.


Background of Feike de Vries

Feike already had a special predilection for Huey helicopters from childhood. During Ruud Heinen’s previous Huey restoration Feike wrote a letter to Ruud and explained him about his eager to join this process. Feike had to wait until CAF became a fact. He finished schooling with a certificate for mechanic and started to work as engineer for the Lynx helicopters with the Royal Netherlands Navy at The Kooy in Den Helder, after releasing the Lynx helicopters Feike became an groundschool instructor for the NH 90. He is now detached at Woensdrecht Airbase. In September 2006 he went to the U.S.A. to gain his US A&P (airframe & powerplant) license.

Feike is in charge of the technical realisation of the Agusta project and works close together with the team to bring the “227” back into the air.


Background of Nico Swager

Nico made his interest in the aviation sector serious by choosing to follow schooling for an engineer certificate at the NLC (Dutch Aviation College) (now ROC Amsterdam Airport). He finished schooling in 2002. During schooling he did practice with the Naval Airforce (MLD). After his schooling period Nico started to work with Skyline via his study mate Kees Brouwer. He worked at Den Helder Airport and at Naval Airstation Valkenburg on the technical condition and airworthy of Albatros L39 jet-fighters and the Learjet A36. This is where Nico met Ruud Heinen, which resulted in cooperating in CAF now. After the Skyline period Nico has joined the Royal Netherlands Airforce in Leeuwarden as F16 jet fighter engineer till 2012.

Nico recently joined CHC The Netherlands as an engineer on the Agusta Westland 139.